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As my journey of life takes me through new lanes and arenas, and also the old ones repeatedly, I endeavour to soak in and capture the life around me. I enjoy observing people in different contexts and I see stories emerging. I love capturing these stories. Herein, I put together the visual poetry, or I may say paint the canvases of these stories. I am sure you will enjoy exploring. Leave your precious comments and feedback as you find your way through. Thanks for visiting. Have a nice time.
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    Reading and its impact : This four year old exemplifies!!

    As a facilitator and mentor I invest time with children and youth. I urge and beseech them to be curious and inquisitive. The first action is to read and read, as many variety of issues, subjects as they come across. That is the only way to enrich oneself and in the process gain confidence to face people, interact, engage and enthrall.

    I have been sharing with 20+ year olds that I shall chaperon my 7 year old daughter, whose felicity with language and articulation is far beyond mine, to their class to interact and also address them the importance of reading every day. Thankfully both my young daughters are passionate about reading and it has enriched me too.

    Here I came across an amazing ambassador of reading. I love to share this short video to inspire each one of you. Thanks to one who recorded it and shared.


    Hope this initiates a few youth to be more keen about reading!

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