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As my journey of life takes me through new lanes and arenas, and also the old ones repeatedly, I endeavour to soak in and capture the life around me. I enjoy observing people in different contexts and I see stories emerging. I love capturing these stories. Herein, I put together the visual poetry, or I may say paint the canvases of these stories. I am sure you will enjoy exploring. Leave your precious comments and feedback as you find your way through. Thanks for visiting. Have a nice time.
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    Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree, with gay abandon!

    When you love whatever you are doing, you are usually in the ‘carefree’ mood! No boundaries really bother….Here are a few captures from my exciting journey of ‘carefree’ life…… I have always been at the ‘carefree’ edge…

    No road tour is planned. It is all about taking the vehicle, pack all that may be needed and go. Family does not know (neither I do) where the next halt will be and what is in store for us….

    The free-falls from 100 ft high cliff into a flowing river is no less carefree ! The heart starts pounding. You have hundred questions. Would want to run away…. but finally with faith… you leap!
    Class of 2012 - Knowing thyself..

    On every outbound, every rock-climbing and rappling experience has been a ‘carefree’ one..When you have to come down a 200ft high cliff, then you really love the challenge!
    Mentor recruitment and outbound.  Indus World School, INDIA

    Crossing a river with self-made rafts of bamboos-and-rubber-truck-tubes is a great ‘carefree’ challenge – when the raft turns turtle and all are underneath the raft, struggling to breath.. that is the excitement!
    Class of 2012 - Knowing thyself..

    swimming into deep-seas is a ‘carefree’ and thrilling experience that I would never miss… here are a few kids frolicking in the Arabian Sea
    Incredible India! Coastal Karnataka

    Have had a few experiences that hvae been ‘life-threatening’, not only for me but for the entire family….. I am adding a photographs from the ‘crossing of the overflowing Indravati’ here… After waiting for 12 hours for the water to subside, with a young child in the car, thought of taking the challenge of crossing the flooded river. When we crossed it with water coming to the window-panes of the SUV, the engine stalled in the mid-flow; that is when the really challenge came in…

    It really tested our ‘faith’ !!

    Incredible India ! Araku to Bastar..

    On yet another occasion, stuck in the snow-laden Himalayan temple town of Gangotri on January 1st, peak winters with no soul inhabiting the temple town!!

    Carefree, a set on Flickr.

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